CD Carlo Dali



The ultimate sensuality.

The scents of a former fairy tale from the depths of the East to the rainforests of Madagascar unfold in this magical elixir of life for those whose adventure is their life and the oscillation from nadir to the zenith is a journey full of excitement.

RESILIENT is the "weapon" of excessive charm, feminine and masculine with notes that promise to stimulate the senses and take off your eroticism.

Bold and sensual with woody notes, they give an explosive and disarming look to you, which gives a completely sexy and seductive character without a leaf.

A one and only olfactory experience is hidden in this secret recipe that represents the aromatic contrasts that make it particularly unique.



Top notes: bergamot.
Heart notes: cedar, nagamortha, leather, saffron.
Base notes: amberwood, tonka beans, agarwood.